Interesting châteaux to visit:



The Mediaeval fortress, and garden of Berzé-le-Châtel is a family property, built by the ancestors of the current owners to protect the Abbey of Cluny, Berzé dominates a panoramic view over the vineyards of the valley of the Roche de Solutré.

A: 71960 Berzé le Chatel

P: 03 85 36 60 83


Château de Cormatin

17th C château and gardens.  The Château at Cormatin was started about 1605, it is well worth a visit with a richly decorated apartments, old kitchens, splendid gardens etc.

A: 71460 Cormatin

P: 03 85 50 16 55


Must take a photo!

Château de Pierreclos

The medieval Château at Pierreclos, also associated with Lamartine, has views across the vineyards with interesting vaulted cellars and towers.

A: 71960 Pierreclos

P: 03 85 35 73 73


Château de Dree

17/18th C château and gardens

A: 71800 Curbigny

P: 03 85 26 84 80



Medieval village, church and château

A: 71700 Martailly-les-Brancion

P: 03 85 32 19 70


Must take a photo!

Saint Point

12/19th C castle, residence of Alphonse Lamartine, France's first romantic poet and it has been left largely untouched from 1869.

A: 71520 Saint-Point

P: 03 85 50 50 30